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cSOAP is a client/server SOAP library implemented in pure C. It comes with embedded transport servers for UDP and HTTP (nanoHTTP). The transferred XML structures are handled by libxml2.


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The development of cSOAP highly depends on your input! If you are trying cSOAP let us know what you think of it (do you miss certain features?). Even if you decide not to use it, please let us know why.

Projects that use cSOAP


CompLearn ( is a suite of simple-to-use utilities that you can use to apply compression techniques to the process of discovering and learning patterns.


Download stable release

A stable release is a tested version of cSOAP. Download this package if you want to use it in your productive projects.

Download source code of libsoap-1.1.0.tar.gz:

Download latest snapshot (nightly build)

Latest snapshots are build nightly on a detected CVS commit. This is sometimes not very stable but in some case are snapshots the better choice then the stable version. This can happen if a very important bug was fixed or a new feature was introduced. It is recommend to join the mailinglist.

Download latest snapshot (nightly build):

Checkout from CVS

Do you want the latest source codes? You want to contribute a patch? Have you found a bug? Or whatever. You should check out cSOAP from CVS to play the game with us cSOAP developers.

Web CVS access:

Ferhat Ayaz

Michael Rans

Matt Campbell

Heiko Ronsdorf

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