nanohttp-base64.c File Reference

#include "nanohttp-base64.h"

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void base64_encode_string (const unsigned char *instr, unsigned char *outstr)
void base64_decode_string (const unsigned char *instr, unsigned char *outstr)

Function Documentation

void base64_decode_string const unsigned char *  instr,
unsigned char *  outstr

decode a base64 encoded string (maybe broken...)

Definition at line 92 of file nanohttp-base64.c.

void base64_encode_string const unsigned char *  instr,
unsigned char *  outstr

Base64 encodes a NUL terminated array of characters.

instr Pointer to the input string.
outstr Pointer to the output destination.
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Definition at line 50 of file nanohttp-base64.c.

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