nanohttp-request.c File Reference

#include "nanohttp-logging.h"
#include "nanohttp-error.h"
#include "nanohttp-common.h"
#include "nanohttp-socket.h"
#include "nanohttp-stream.h"
#include "nanohttp-mime.h"
#include "nanohttp-request.h"

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void hrequest_free (struct hrequest_t *req)
herror_t hrequest_new_from_socket (struct hsocket_t *sock, struct hrequest_t **out)

Function Documentation

void hrequest_free struct hrequest_t req  ) 

Definition at line 247 of file nanohttp-request.c.

References hrequest_t::attachments, attachments_free(), hrequest_t::content_type, content_type_free(), hrequest_t::header, hpairnode_free_deep(), http_input_stream_free(), hrequest_t::in, hrequest_t::query, and hrequest_t::statistics.

herror_t hrequest_new_from_socket struct hsocket_t sock,
struct hrequest_t **  out

Definition at line 273 of file nanohttp-request.c.

References H_OK, herror_message(), hsocket_recv(), log_error2, and MAX_HEADER_SIZE.

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