soap-nhttp.c File Reference

#include <libxml/tree.h>
#include <libxml/uri.h>
#include <libxml/xpath.h>
#include <nanohttp/nanohttp-error.h>
#include <nanohttp/nanohttp-common.h>
#include <nanohttp/nanohttp-logging.h>
#include <nanohttp/nanohttp-stream.h>
#include <nanohttp/nanohttp-request.h>
#include <nanohttp/nanohttp-response.h>
#include <nanohttp/nanohttp-client.h>
#include <nanohttp/nanohttp-server.h>
#include "soap-fault.h"
#include "soap-env.h"
#include "soap-ctx.h"
#include "soap-service.h"
#include "soap-client.h"
#include "soap-transport.h"
#include "soap-addressing.h"
#include "soap-xml.h"
#include "soap-router.h"
#include "soap-server.h"
#include "soap-admin.h"
#include "soap-wsil.h"
#include "soap-nhttp.h"

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herror_t soap_nhttp_server_init_args (int argc, char **argv)
herror_t soap_nhttp_client_init_args (int argc, char **argv)
herror_t soap_nhttp_register (const char *context)
herror_t soap_nhttp_server_run (void)
void soap_nhttp_server_destroy (void)
void soap_nhttp_client_destroy (void)
short soap_nhttp_get_port (void)
const char * soap_nhttp_get_protocol (void)

Function Documentation

void soap_nhttp_client_destroy void   ) 

Definition at line 455 of file soap-nhttp.c.

References httpc_destroy().

Referenced by soap_transport_client_destroy().

herror_t soap_nhttp_client_init_args int  argc,
char **  argv

Definition at line 410 of file soap-nhttp.c.

References H_OK, herror_message(), httpc_init(), log_error2, and soap_transport_add().

Referenced by soap_transport_client_init_args().

short soap_nhttp_get_port void   ) 

Definition at line 463 of file soap-nhttp.c.

References httpd_get_port().

const char* soap_nhttp_get_protocol void   ) 

Definition at line 469 of file soap-nhttp.c.

References httpd_get_protocol().

herror_t soap_nhttp_register const char *  context  ) 

Definition at line 427 of file soap-nhttp.c.

References H_OK, herror_message(), httpd_register(), and log_error2.

Referenced by soap_transport_register().

void soap_nhttp_server_destroy void   ) 

Definition at line 447 of file soap-nhttp.c.

References httpd_destroy().

Referenced by soap_transport_server_destroy().

herror_t soap_nhttp_server_init_args int  argc,
char **  argv

Definition at line 208 of file soap-nhttp.c.

References H_OK, herror_message(), httpd_init(), log_error2, soap_admin_init_args(), and soap_wsil_init_args().

Referenced by soap_transport_server_init_args().

herror_t soap_nhttp_server_run void   ) 

Definition at line 441 of file soap-nhttp.c.

References httpd_run().

Referenced by soap_transport_server_run().

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