client/server SOAP library in pure C
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Download stable release
A stable release is a tested version of csoap. Download this package if you want to use it in your productive projects.

- Download source code: libsoap-1.1.0.tar.gz

Download latest snapshot (nightly build)
Latest snapshots are build nightly on a detected cvs commit. This is sometimes not very stable but in some case are snapshots the better choice then the stable version. This can happen if a very important bug was fixed or a new feature was introduced. I recommend to join the mailinglist.

- Download snapshot: libsoap-snapshot.tar.gz

Checkout from CVS
Do you want the latest source codes? You want to contribute a patch? Have you found a bug? Or whatever. You should check out csoap from cvs to play the game with us csoap developers.

- Visit the documentation to checkout from CVS

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